You can donate in the following ways

By cheque

Made out to: Sophie Elliott Foundation.

Posted to: PO Box 6253 Dunedin North 9059

Online bank transfer

To Westpac account: 03 0905 0535552 00

In person at any Westpac branch

To Westpac account: 03 0905 0535552 00

Our Charities Commission number is CC44826

Tax Receipts
If you have deposited on-line or in branch and wish to be sent a receipt for tax purposes: please provide your Westpac receipt number, full name and address to the Foundation and we will issue a receipt signed by the Foundation with the Charities Commission number notated.

thank you

We are forever humbled by the selflessness and compassion shown by people who help us achieve the purpose of the Foundation.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support.