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Sophie’s Legacy

If things were different, 11 June 2011, would have been Sophie’s 26th Birthday. Instead, that day, we launched “Sophie’s Legacy – A mother’s story of her family’s loss and their quest for change”. All proceeds of Sophie’s Legacy will go towards the Sophie Elliott Foundation aim of violence prevention through education, awareness and empowerment of young women.

More about Sophie’s Legacy

Sophie’s Legacy is described as “courageous, compelling and utterly moving” and is written by Lesley Elliott and William J O’Brien, a former policeman and veteran champion for victim justice. The book is an often heart-breaking account of the devastating impact of Sophie’s murder on her family; sets the record straight on Sophie’s reputation and addresses Weatherston’s defence of provocation; discusses how the justice system failed Sophie and continues to fail victims; and then finally outlines Lesley’s quest for change through the Sophie Elliott Foundation.

This book is a powerful read for parents to come to understand – as Lesley and Gil have – how a manipulative, abusive, dangerous person like Weatherston can so easily get inside the head of a highly intelligent young woman, and the signs of abuse they missed.

Powerful, gripping, inspiring. Sophies Legacy is a major book.

Random House, New Zealand

Sophie’s Legacy will be available at all major bookstores.